VR Design Pattern Library

I think it would be awesome to begin building a library of user experience design patterns for virtual reality. Consider it a compendium of things that have been tried and what tips and landmines we’ve discovered along the way.

Would you be interested in getting involved? We need people to write patterns, review them, and suggest new ones.

If you would like to help out or find out more, get in touch with your contact info and how you’d like to help.

  • Email me at becky at this domain.
  • Hit me up on twitter: @torbochkina.
  • Use this handy dandy form right here.


Get involved

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What is a design pattern library?
Think this but for VR instead of the web.

Will some patterns be the same?

Will others be different?
Hell, yes.

Have you really had any questions about this?
Not yet. 😉 Bring it.